midnite live in paris

MIDNITE Live in Paris!

26 August 2014


Edelssy and I went to Paris last weekend to visit 2 Midnite shows at New Morning in Paris. We drove 5 hours from Rotterdam(Holland). Not far at all.

We had an amazing time! The august 22nd show was the best we have seen so far. The crowd in Paris was LIVE!! Wow. Amazing! The august 23rd show was also off the hook! We went backstage to greet the band before we left and spoke to Kenny, Chistian, Ron and Vaughn. A true blessing, time and time again...


Check this video i made from 'Due reward'!


Also check the other one from 'Bushman', but that isnt my recording.


Selassie I!


Stijn & Edelssy



MIDNITE Live in Paris!

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