midnite what makes a king

Native Story

A woah man dem
A native story…you sing a one story
Cause situation legendary, man out at sea till it reach day 23
Given ina his name and title… a man Maccabee
From the deepest seat of will power come home survival story
Wrap the powers of evil from rejoice
Tv survivor man didn’t see this choice
And return to Mami, return to Mami
The number was 3
And ova de bola was Maccabee
Situation legendary, situation legendary
Should have long been rescued
Cause from long time helicopter dem see
Frederiksted we boat hold faith and pray the lives of needed family
Unfamiliars, what a bottomless fathoms
Didn’t take raw fish, salt water regiment
And the question, where is the tape?
Holding all their preparences
Man have tempting will have to wait
Day seven they spot them
Then they come up close and leave
The far show up the watch
Right which part the boat a leave
Situation legendary
A one story, Maccabee
Jah show forth his will and spear life how he see
Same African sea man dem that brave the ancient sea
From Ethiopia to Mauritania
Notice which currents go
Out of Congo from these
Man come down to moon
Flesh out from all in rope in old Nile
Body come down to moon from powerful friendly foe
Has to write down the numbers of the craft identity
Which was confiscated as soon as his land demand them reach
Upon on that sea international water made of fees
Them still want money after man was badly in injury
Badly injury, badly injury
Sing a one song, situation legendary
Psychic come out, heads and bury
Sing a one story called situation legendary
A man out at sea till he reach day 23
Give him in I name ina him title a man Maccabee
The deepest seat of will power come home a survival story
Sing a one song
Sing a one song
It’s called situation legendary

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