midnite what makes a king


To content and satisfy my motion connection, creating something worthy in the eyes I pray, as any ways, as any how)..emotions..they come as if they testing the whole human spectrum, from broad to narrow down song -
they telling to me sing some rude boy thug song, and then sing some mainstream pop songs, they speak of to sing crossover hit songs, and sing those painful love songs. Indulging in, the fantacy regrets and illusion, rewind and fast forward wish songs, marketing dreams and imagination, in a self-fulfillment tone..emotions..When the scene show up that the words come in to action, the whole world act surprised and stunned, with its dreams of emotions, emotions..
es-I-said-it-is societal demolition, appearing benign as a simple direction, until things start coming to real fruition, and-then sorrow must overstand..emotion..Rastaman, in-birth connection, Jah rastafari to each is always come, in the telling, situation narration home is real-real holy stand victors and losers every-level-of-angels they going to mark the hierarchy of angels Haile Selassie I, I salvation..everytime...

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