midnite vijan

Ru be

Yeah Whoa

You hea mi


Robys set in Hebonys

Will neva law them to be

Hidden behind the garments of his majesty

Righteous counter speech

Erase and free

Hollow form,

Fain repetition

Endless repetition

Endless reptilian

Petty ambition

Money powa elution

Powa of right is in the pen

Wrong thing them spell right again

Deceptive how the scribe of the hen

Spy facy we babylan, Queen non zen

Wonda who, wonda where an when

To ovatake a moment an neva been involved in

A fi verbal spin

Whole fen el fen

Slanderers whole an craven

Atta bun them out whenna fyah blaney a blen

King lit pan them

Breath deep count 1 to 10

Rastafari have whole Indigo asoul Jah asta arasscend

Overly slowly them pan the receiving end

Hungry to get in

Breath deep count 1 2 4- 10

And again

Colloquial vernacula locality study

Let thief social science experimentally apan the black community

Unorthodox urban street police fleshy who them dirty


The more right of good character whowilli`n evitably if anybody

An indignation of poverty come party with we




And surely, thi ayansinyu inna them stiffneckedness fally

A falla them indoctrination regurgitation policy

Wholla wan come lang time preach upon we

Inna di wesse princesis of Judah the wholla dem a raack to be free


Ru bees set in hebonys

Red eyee

Will neva low them to be

Hidden behind, the garments of his Majesty

July 23


Goat kimetic vibe I Ram they see

What to nine think ladMagician

Negative millions of web concentrate against one

Socio-political struc-tura, hold-powa

Everyone nepotism, undaropa

An as the known filty


Rastafari de bun them a tell them flee


Thicks an flee

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