midnite vijan


Hey i’ll get a magnum born man na sprit Jah mom Nyah so make them gum .. HIghly He rescued u the general principles from the down yet and still far done and called them worthy inna the kingdom yeah will u lion ti death your majesty day i …stay to stand strong untill them day for all the generations to keep hold n firm n fight a principle from which to eaze to teach the nations from the live writs from haile selassie untill its them desperation never never land gun day with feeta uhuhuhuhuhhuhhhhh pan pan is the goat of U. know S. A. greekal mentalogy look right there eat dedede stand firm and obey.. praise all His Majesty do it inna earth fi all the nations fi see fi we stire against the enemy whole is all I tinity I-tinually TreenitY yeah i-tinity not i-turnity know sun and face fi don´t ga turn dat from no enemy stand up inna the earth fi know I-manity I -vinity Whole earth NativitY first Black man TrinitY Mother Sun and Father everybody long time a family booow rastaman they outrun all kind of blashfamy all kind of infamy everytime them see with them walls they look upon the faces of the guiltiest of the guilty.. All Hail the Emperor in your land of your nativity Afrika we strive out of Afrika completlY substitute all the reason of the nations with goodness grace and mercy I whole live an example who do it in a haile I Selassie u see charge forth with the scepter and extend unto there mercy oh rasta man na say King the character and victory came unto the nations but through them arrogance and through them impurity wwohhhh double cross for them see locked up in a libela low and me oh land as much say the same thing as they come to we whole live of backstab they come as the church they come in a holiness and purity illusions strungled all upon the youth on there mind set upon there mentality illusion inna them cathedral inna them sative inna them habat inna them habie yeah oh ohhh rasta man day a long time suspended us without inna the galaxy three years are somethin me da son be when them a ask me them question n them maan-tally oh rasta man fire dont know Praise the almightY how fi walk in balance and moderation and continually Truth as u do it a well inna your deep well inna your livity ah whole rastaman well whole out Inna di long time of quality Africa exists inna the whole world as natural economy simply mean they con-exist from internal streams and the rivers upon thee mountain as waterfalls of Letania and Laninza yeah and NYANZA road to the mountains of clã Bara yeah deep a green again down inna the ganses of South India talitha tamur we did never open but down went down in a afrika senagalizzzzz SENEGALIZ soldier inna the spanish real mother yeah uhuhmmmmmm in a camboja up inna srilanka greece called to join greece settled by thee royal families of Afrika woooohumm hummmm yeah them a play they a don’t remember look down deep inna them blood line u will see the rock root that is the anchor haile sellasie i blood line that is the tree wa we river look down if we look again is from them place is the nazeyriver

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