midnite vijan

Days come

Ah, Ah

Saw within his vijan bountiful streams
Children running, playing (they play oh ah)
Waters within the cliffs coming from down in between
Mountainous from the beautiful most
Some of the most powerful beautiful vijan the world has ever seen, ah ah
A visit by the queen
(Hmm praise, oh yes)

For the days come yeah
When no longer have to sat in sadness
Rastafari highest around prevail yet
Over maintain good relations keeping, woa
Poverty stay number one, bun
Afflictions shot woa
The stronger forms resolve to
Crowd of massive you come tell me
You feeling it (slang bang dan deh)
In the hood robbing aye

A piece for historical continuity ayo
For there not to be no gaps in your historical records
The Pie-ces to key hm
How come you so conspicuously absence in your speech of Haile Selassie aye
Seventy two nations all of them was there and more
Anyhing Selassie conspicuous by absentee mum
Tie to the lips, international clique
Highly technocratic and a bureaucratic ticks
Devout and dedicated liars of how to flip hm
Stone cold magnets of high class ina hit
Highly successful cut throat to the last inches and skip
Hmm, over calculated paranoia and hatred
Evil nah no know Jah
Well this a rollercoaster slick, inch you sick
Uses as a social as a buck within a chip (A buck!)
Broke down all black people social barriers with it
For so long them also come prestige and well commit
So many practice
Anti-anything good
Pure wickedness, hm
We cry out
Babylon we only in a broke down psalms
With our chant out a power for we move ward hm

Send mine in straight
Straight without no sinful
All fya bun fi you go downpress
The already broken and sad and afflicted them sick, woa
Fya to the heathen goal in deh
Out of them high place fya bun them
Wrong teaching them given to the youth them
Who send them? Jah no send them

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