midnite unreleased remaining

Forces and flames (Live)

Yeah yeah

Please don’t try to break the will of the truth

With force and flames

The people choose sectarian government when they choose

Religion affected views

You still disagree when you get the news

It never occurred to you your thoughts could lose

In a correct and official way

Because an ego take the bruise

And strategies long setted accusing the news

Recalculate it so done high security seek

Meeting in barren desert by you

Between arms dealer, business executives and tycoons

Adjust the economic needs state to the state of your interaction truth

With the subsequent manners and discipline in social use

In social use in everyday use


Don’t be late and try to repair the clue/glue

For morning night dew is still the dew

The few in still the slew

And bless and pray for you to choose their way

When really what’s a youth to say

Don’t know nothing about it anyway

And still affecting their everyday

Reconnect is still delay

Reap for public use and they mash it up anyway

Don’t let them have it to say

I and I shall structure up I way

I know not in the counsel of the ungodly

For to how many heads them a pray?

I inheritance Selassie I Jahoviah Jah way

O yeah

For it’s on to all how they contribute good in their way

Lallibella to Dongle down Golan to Northern Lights I stray

Ethiopian in original day

Ethiopian in original day

I eye

Out of I eye I say

I eye

Out of Ambassah Amakala

In original day

Ethiopian in original day

Ethiopian in original day

We Christian Christian in original day

Haile Selassie I way

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