midnite treasure

Scientist black




Send the scientist black

Straight black to the start human will desire and emotion

These are the projected target practice of human relation

These are the openings that man walk through for domination

These are the avenues and the ocean of decimation

Within the genetical continental drift of the nations

Max-speed the light realignment and contemplation

You empires give the herbs of the feel a standing ovation

For blessing this vibe the ecological mess you make upon iration


The anxiety was local

and the anxiety was global

Fear of wealth redistribution and a climb down total

Gloating and insults and demoralization 

Not to mention wars outta the public dominion 

Fear of decline and fears of demotion

Then a blanket of comfort is His Majesties example

Freed the captives with their dignity and spoke reconciliation 

Just like the basic model human family trinitarian 


Electron, proton to neutron

Neutrino to fermion 

Planks length to fermion

Photon to boson

Electron to positron

Electron deflection back away scatter emotion

Magnetic resonance take a guess at what is not solid and gone

Cause of disturbance

Anti-partical anti-matter brought into motion

Terms was the physics and the vernacular was quantum 

Only thing ya now the real situation was human

Careful of what you pop into existence perpetual 



Upon a post-modernist clock

Eight seconds from the orb of the earth 

To the orb of the sun

Light speed established and limit to the speed of everyone

Intention to profit wrong straight passing knowledge to greed to ignorance

Greedier and pass capability on the way down

Deplace disorder spice rack throw down

Restoration of your spirit is a resurrection 

Make a better day as implementation come

Selassie the man get up on the world weight holding it down

How to proceed by human spirit to happiness fruition

How to sleep well contented when you lay down

Well its wether you want reap or repercussion 

Well its wether I and I want weeping under the sun

Selassie perseverance a joy when weeping come, eh

As herb give man penetration to relate to reason

As the techno bio chemist them approaching to realms unknown

The intention in the root of the end average come around

and the ripe on the trees and them get shake down

and the net was catching so much traffic slow down

Send the scientist, Send the Scientist Black





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