midnite treasure

Gather them in

The chips upon the table
and they all driving the beast*
And dilligence , surgence, and sincerity
just happened upon the fitting piece
True Essence of the word in spirit
No bee ligies(?) Gather Dem In
Rastafari Gather Dem in
Gather Dem In
It’s not A Social lies
psycho pon the scene*
Is A Livity well been reveal
Upon The Ark LAw is written
in Ises To Him
Just how* the league brought
Just how the league brought the dreadist of
christ is to him Conquer in
The tractive that spoke up the eubabylus
The Tractive that spoke of the eucalyptus*
Odysseus word moarn found her tricks out in the sea
Well That’s how they wrote it in greek mythology*
They also say Sophia Artemis is the archetype of she
livit of adam is the archetypes of she
There are revisionist to lie about her in antiquity
Well, why don’t you wikipedia twitter and then google at she
Continental birth rate decline is the european land mass reality*
those who will not enter into jah rest now into indignity
Keddus(Q'dus) germawi Qedamawi
Well look at the image and the christ
likeness in the monastery
At Saint-Catherine the very image and
likeness of Haile Selassie
Inna Mount Sinai is where
dem make this discovery
It is he who was the beloved of Magdaline
From second century compare
the images to be seen
Gather dem in
The aspirants and the vowels
and the constant constantly
There’s know now limit the distance
known presently
So the marvelous of the world and the mystery of his majesty
He’s word incarnating flesh to perfect is majesty
He’s word triumphant fullfillment* family
Stability between the war and natures of polarity
Rastafari Gather Dem in
Gather Dem In
Rastafari Gather Dem In
Is not A Social lie psycho pon the scene
Is A Livity well been reveal
Upon The Ark LAw is written in Ises To Him
Just how the league brought
the dread of christ is to HIM is Conquerin
gather dem in

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Welcome to the realm of
the Almighty King!
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