midnite thru true

Stars (Applawz)

Ah.. in exchange for beauty
Wrap up in a sponge and cars?
Ahh ….aye now, what is the attitude of stars..ah…ah…
The attitude of star, d attitude of star..ah…ah
The sunshines by day. And the moon shine by night
And along with the star.. ah….ah…
What is d attitude of star…ah…ah…
Night fearure, what is the attitude of star..
Imagine over lion they a waitin for a round of applawz
Imagine somewhere waiting for a round of applawz ah
Ya moses wit d ten commandments a stand up an wait for a round of applwz, ahh
What is d attitude of star..ah…
What is d attitude of star
Jamming upon rape ancient priamerindian to take is being called birotics
Wit of hair elctro magnetics
Troubling wit word and sound pon troubling with numbers and word an sound
Ah…ah…. In exchange for beauty wrap in a plaster and gauze
Ahh…what is the attitude of star
Runnin full course pon d earth meridian earth break down
Manipulative, using word and sound combination
To infinity perpetually aye
To belittle and to be condescending
To be patronizing and overbearing
Ah…attitude of star…ah
Well hear me now, imagine over lion them a wait for a round of applawz

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