midnite thru true

Skull dung

Na chin al e chin al ech?
like early in the morning time, is jah youth i salute!

when the roman throw the christtian to the lion
the skull for sure was the lion's did they up ya
if you check it- its the same thing repeat -uhn
When Selassie turn the Vatican skull dung
He dun trouble with his staff and his sandals
the jungle lion has a slip of a young man.
they come to David as a warrior well experienced
David show him- say- I come in the name of the Lord my God!

I present Jah Rastafari Etheopian.

symbol ah symbol, n nurse of a kimbal
anshant times of power, I she unvail.
police a enforces gunman, and at root a them are brutal.
Public civic defacement of ancient black monument
them as original vandals
as-oslovic? is a slave soundation.
tutan emplut blood -simple me related i-ration
deverse i-nited and them a multi-a-national
transaction praise of a decoy to total
to fight a lion they can only use a Lion
-so as important to have man go against man.

so much man a say, enough for them can believe.
a light them fly- a kin of dread
bend down before the king again, lose them confidence
get out the mine a wha wan a dem?
while -awhile a gem a gem, jah come for them.
look here now, fight the anchor of sinners- that have a eat into your health
plant-jah sanctify all spirit and all kin
look at what them a talk -"linguas and the cross and self-absolvement"?
which a suffering nation present
looking to singular ends, in clad messages
which celestial set the world? oh yeah-
every da creation sing unto the houses
that brought all these and those for all the world to see.
oh yeah, My God, my God

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