midnite the way

Better mus come

You want to make it better or worse right now
Do you want better or worse to come
Do better then better mus come
You see what happen when war go down
Been accepted for the one how things are going on
National character is how things are turning on
Bad national character who been ruled by very bad man
These are the concepts demonstrated makavelian
Who do the funding and who a give the instruction
More sub-societies that rule on the stage and transcend world leader stage
As you don’t know where command man
Feeding every outrage as inclination
Hidden on the title of artistic license
Them think they can influence the societal revolution
Dealing so much damage and so much devastation
Powerless society so much currency don’t involve, sin
Industry to industry is so much of them involved
Of forien leader game a who is carrying the most bark and punch
Counrtry after country just a follow like it’s out of love
Similar sentences that go meet them all out in front
Walk them to the spring and Jah Jah now follow the form
With one, goodness and mercy is bubbling out
And it will cause a bad feeling when atrocity out
It will make civil hero the country most
And it will cause civility to naturally
Mirco protections in thee when years a love surround
I satta marijuana give them in a word and sound
Invent conviction when fate is the ground wire
Holden man balance when them increase condemn reform
Ganja marijuana they are old ni-a I-a
Purity will start thing from newly or refined
Seen it many times with less sympathy inclined
Congresscy among the callas and swine
Churches seen higher level of difficult time

South Egypt, Sudan down to machu picchu
Changing in appearance what geology knew
What a in the world else could ones do
You want to make it better or worse right now
Do you want better or worse to come
Then, Do better then better mus come
You see what happen when war go down

From, Roses are red and a your violets are blue
Shrink away from duchess, what that plant do
They “open and close think peddle the color blue”
A different kind of eating too
Just be careful what that your feeding in to
Vain imagination could be teaching it too
I-thiopia world back and foundation and root
Still Jerusalem children bare fruit
Come truth lead us into life and root
When the people despair cause the leaders confused
Tragic when the French revolute
And the civil war red and the civil war blue
Bayonet upon musket and canon fuse
Reason meant good, not reach to feud

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