midnite standing ground


(Bluff & Heads)
SELASSIE I the first, Ya see love, love is a thing wich is freedom.
You see InI stay rastafari SELASSIE, Selassie I the first yes I call upon the father,
greatest empire, Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah, InI father.

(Jah Rubal)
World on fire, I mey say the world on fire,
it name world on fire, it name the world on fire.
Dem na want HAILE SELASSIE I order as the highest law,
sey they rob we outta africa, and break up Jah law,
sey now man an outlaw fi the law breaker,
whole heap of invention
dem messing with the equator, now the lion of judah sun jus get hotta.
said deal with love, or dey place ago get hot,
said like a winta heater
drum it in kettle drum push in de fire
mi sey order monks in the background, singin out for world peace,
they dont want respect it, Heads!
the head creator, mi sey Tafari Addis Ababa,
owner of holy trinity
and carry the imperial sign of the Lion of Judah,
haile up Kadamawea,
when you sight up rasta BOOM!

SELASSIE I, when them start a fire in Ethiopia, well them bun them own cover,
today fe I, tomorrow fe you. SELASSIE I dun tell dem so,
but wha dem do them run go so set the whole world pon fire,
for meglo distinction ina the ego is fe empire
and they big up all the scientist who invent fire
power for killing near ga infitesimal of integer,
them have put it in them literary despository wha democritus say
atoms and space are real everything else is just an opinion.
they havecome as early greeks and romans,
and were told of even there earlier national stages.
they were told of their beginings of sun changes of rising and of sun setting,
not even the white head of their elders.
have hear their unlimited contestant to fight JAH
SELASSIE I and compare I on
molec, you law scorn of ivinity JAh, fear is the begining of wisdom
all your opinions appear as invention paranoia
ignition can even customize apprehension.
car alarms that respond to touch much less
human emotional alarm of touch,
what a mind, nuff tings build in up
and then it toxic can’t get rid of such
so now who is responsible for such commentary gettin crass
comin down here with heads and bluff.

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