midnite standing ground


Rastafari, King Salasie I, we God so we a
Say, Lord have His Mercy Jah, watch ya,
So dem take another life fi survivie
Watch dem botch youth babylon dem victimize
dem dont wan we fi rise, dem wan we fi strive
I’nI ago strive with who? – Rasta stive with I
Give thanks and praise to King Selassie I
Mi sey don’t kill your bredda, ova gold nor
No don’t eat up the people how you eat bread,
mi sey daily, hail up Kadamawa, I beg you live
dready, thats what them man Bluff and Heads
them said
Ruby Red just pass, Bim! Them live in big head,
mi say Vaughn and Juaquin them a Selassie
Ethiopian Dread. Lord Have his Mercy.
(Chorus) Priest around the Alter, and how
them creep along Dem a sacrifice inna St Croix
an dem we dey fi come to chastize dem run we
outa africa, now dem want I’nI man paradise
Mi sey dem a hyprocite, dem worse than crab
lice, it’s not a good thing fi go gamble dice, mi
sey whole heap of man dun loose them life, inna
di Gideon, everything is not right, yes inna youth
sight Said remember Selassie God mash up the
vatican mind, boom, light pon di mic,
look far as you eye can see everything body a
his majesty, Rastafari Kadamawa Jah!
(Chorus) Lock up the wicked Dragon called
Lucifer, down inna de chamber, I pray to Him,
Abba, Ababa, Ambesa Jahnoy, wicked splatter,
Lord have his Mercy, yeah.
Weakheart hafta scatter, said, I satta massa
gana when you sight up Rasta you sight up
the image of Jah Jah, so see we ya, see we yah
we a Rasta, so see we ya, see we ya, we full
of culture,
see we ya, see we ya, see we a Rasta, we na
pass no kind of test an all kind of pressure we
still dere on land, we just do the works of Jah Jah
and dem come to be an anfiltrator to the lion
of Judah,
Hail up kadamawea Sellasie I man dem a Rasta
man dem on ya Burn Sensimilla, we have the
Lion of Judah
(Chorus) An dem kill another one fi Survive
an dem tek another one fi survive
whole heap of youth babylon victimize.
Knock down babylons chain,
like an animal that come from wild,
Emperor Selassie I
A deal wid all dem dat backslide, listen to
Daddy locks mi tell it all di while
nago smile nago wicked- I a rightous profile.

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