midnite standing ground

Standing ground

True courage in the standing ground
is how you live it in the standing ground
Fox wid canary feathers pon them mouth,
Some things fe consider and sit out,
Should have not go in da, What I have seen in
da, many ones they have been in da,
run go assume at get them feelings burn to cindas.

When decision need true, – true,
True courage in the planting round,
true courage ina the standard of the crown
Fe push you principle to reach stand down,
and push you principle out of bounds,
and push you reason out of bounds.

Keep cool, keep cool.
Meditate and counsel in da how to calm down,
fe it reach drastic and dun move it around
What can diplomatic when dem things fall out
Selassie is the mission ina sound
True courage ina the standing ground, see it!

Don’t go mek them principle tamper my sound,
Ignorance what truly keep a heart hold down,
Selassie I is sovereign ina eminance house
and so the sistrum a shoak inna the bounce
try tell the Rastaman dem smoke come down
Isis to the Lord it dun gone in regarding sound
Ras I be inward wid locks and bolt
Well tell dem rockers is the Rastaman report

The Fourth of July, the Alamo was a fort
Fortify the spirit, forty thieves bring report,
Ali Baba ina Africa fe the jewels of source
Selassie is the rightful heir of course,
True courage ina the standing ground, True courage ina the bearing ground,
True couragen ina the planting ground, they should his requirement be known and home
know it ina the morrow of the bone
Build a firm one don’t set the spirit like revolving door
Ina Song of Solomon the stones told if she ia a wall build
Palaces for sure, check fe yourself and know more,

See it the the facist were the losers and sore
Don’t mek them principle tamper my sound,
Ignorance truly keep a heart hold down,
Selassie I is sovereign ina eminance house
and so the sistrum a shook ina the bounce

Doubtless I Praise Rastafari.
Doubtless I sing Rastafari

Isolate from the many goods and still data rejoin
everything a hustle fe survive yeah,
in this time
Selassie I the judge could never be spirit confined, same end and result when the blind lead the blind
courage to be firm and to hold lifetime, if Jah willing and if Jah provide.
for strength of life each of management of heart all the same time.

True courage ina ye planting ground
True courage ina ye standing ground
True courage ina under standing ground

Selassie I we praise in word and sound

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