midnite standing ground



Adore King Selassie I. The most high he’s the
holder of the principle to the heigth.
A sensi sprig of the inna mi culture, ina me heigths.
A social scene that can partake in good and right.
A people like the trees,well spruce and upright. (chorus)
Them inna whom Rastafari Jah I light. As the
drink offering and the water balance well inite.
the music, food have a vibe well annoint. As
the dubaration ‘n lyrics have splice.
As the neighborhood and ifficials live nice. As
the elasticity inna di wheel crank bright.
As the emperor is the bringer of light. who hold
the truth dem know say Jah is real,
in this destiny have revealed all the I’S seals.
For chain connection world events inna di world real,
world war two foolish precedences which we a
now feel .
In Geneva the triumph of complacency over the
Just League,
In geneva the triumph of complacency over the
Just League,
as they reach the Rastafari they keep the high
Its an impedement to mercy, how they cant feel,
that message ago shape out into a bright steel.
Honor jah principle when afloat like a boat keel.
Hear me now inity heart law in de strength of
life and you hear,
hand wash one another when you feel two clap
right. Well you hear,
daily bread in really living inna each new light
regardless to the math, malice, spite.
I Will speak kindly to hope for and give breath to
revive ,and strength to remember
if eyes will truley open up to wide, its a high
kinda humble when love overcome pride,
inna pocket over the ocean the herb and bush
knowledge survive,
the elder woman dem will tell you what give the
lickle youth dem fe colic and gripe,
who jah put in place to rebuke the licorsh and swipe.
reach dem quickly before adolescence tum dem
to dem coop and snipe.
Haile Selassie I is the overstanding that take you
through time .

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the Almighty King!
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RastafarI Love!



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