midnite standing ground


After dem tell them wa dem ago do when ago
modern day shell them,
like a nut crack an look ya man dem with de
well dem, dem said dem bigger higher up,
dem send them, for them dere all the occupiers
of the lands them

Middle East and African dispersions, and the
records ina the house foundations melt dem,
King listen inna mali when them never heard
when historical sentence tell them,
ina splendence tell dem tell dem ina splendence.


Claim say that the world a change
rapid and free on, see the incidentes of road
rage in the new generation born ina brutal
submission ina cage collosium gladiator
equivalency ina the modern age and its just as
a reminder
them can change the appearence of nature but notof nature’s law,
bright shining and modification ina drop top
and Sedan,
esteem and self glorification and a killing
from raw hide and pearl handle six shooter to a
colorless odorless thanks,
regression from oil turn them back ina coal
miner, IMF own all the banks.


Earth is a constant and a constant
giver, equalize the ranks
from is a sower ia a reaper is a earner to
Selassie I give thanks
Market centralize to marginalize small farmer ina
competitive demands,

The humble and the meek inherit the prana by
the meaning of their stand
by the betterment of a man and as unto a generation,
put in back on no bus that come
unless survival mek demand true knowledge of
illegal and underground
become priceless ina man from the rising sun to setting sun
Rasta people all galong, is Rasta people all along.


The Haile tradition ganja smoke
collumn is session sequencing wid man,
a strategist logistics ina the equation,
thawartment and frustration.
Haile Selassie is the example of how to ova
such one,
socializing in the unavoidable ina the unable net
working in the branch,
the lower than the earths water table influencing the sands

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