midnite standing ground


Hearts to rebuild lives to rebuild too, hearts to
rebuild, life to rebuild too.
When is political ina dabblin, when is money
off the cream top skim.
when trust is re-establishin’, as suspicion is a
limiting thing.
to the king to the king to the king, to the nations
that dine with the king,
an structure the things dem that them build up
are fi him.
well is the stone that a flinga inna sling. an lick
all goliath fast earth outa in.
Selassie lives his will can’t be criminal kill, him is
the ruler in deliverance hill,
which part the women blind fold statue a stand
up in king
which part the 400 years fulfill, like an anteater,
old armadill.
a push mouth a dig out inna everything still.
Touch up like a cow-rich inna carnt keep still.
(Chorus) Comming outa Tarshish, Cordova,
Ceville, them was wicked, warn yah ova known
blood spill. Especially when them link up with
the Arab captains, armed to the teeth boat, seeking
riches. Inna the chess game of queens, and
kings i sing, Selassie I the righteous Ethiopian
king.Reality or myth them was explorin’, Seeking
for the sun belt upon which to cling.
Thinking there is hona in defeating him.
His dignity eating them ya out unda skin.
Go dig up ina the library ina the old micro-film,
hear talk of Winston Churchill.
Who put the blame sqaure pon the facist dem
thing, In Bath, England the Old Practices.
Face to face with Him from whom them emanate
is, show to Him alone the courtesy dun win.
2007 which part the Zero come in, 2012, The
Mayan chart speaking.
put zero pan the 7 dey and add 12 still. 2019
and dem gone again with.
Projected Hero status na go stablilize with
when the day pass and people see say nothing
Because the calendar was dun top spin, who
feed their mouth is now the only real ting,
Pure booby trap fe the people fall in, one to the
two to the 3 to the whole a dem dun fall outta it.
Nil Mercy my God and Judgement my King,
Pay full attention,
Selassie I win.
(Chorus.) Them a want go fe full up them belly
to the hilt, in Scotland have Bag pipe and kilt,
Sound tell the Jungle that the Lion is King cut
down the right wood if go built coal kill.
In front of the speech what have a word, ‘until’.
Him is the image prophesy fulfill,
Isis to Selassie Haile I Righteous King
Caution no in is in every cry out, sing just do
regard what’s important to Him.

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