midnite standing ground

Mass appeal

I would not like to appeal to the masses of mass ignorance
Unless it is to learn, like i humble myself before JAH to learn yeah
I would not like to appeal
To the sentence of mass ignorance yeah
That keep happen to recoccurence in our life situation
I would not like to appeal to the hearts that are the robbers of emotions
The vaccum cleaners of spirtual disonance.
Yes . i would not like to appeal.
I would not like to appeal
To the children who are in coherence or who wish to be one accord with His imperial,
With his imperial.
I would not like to appeal to the elisist, the pragmatits who are sitting in control
Yes, of the vandals, believe or not
I would not like to apppeal
To those who are selling rapid pon the gun, wrongment.
With full authority of the state. And everyone in the full coherence
Yes. I would not like to appeal to the displacement of spiritual principle
Where as the the people cant find themselves and are immobile
Even though they’re moving all around the earth as commuters.
I would not like to appeal, to be mass appeal
To be mass appeal
When the wicked them laughter appeal, and their judgement.
Already nearby and Total. I would not like to appeal to their appetite.
I would not like to appeal

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