midnite standing ground

Chant out

Ina the Kali in the chalwa inna de spliff.
Hes the king of thees
Wisdom rastafari chose of these
Rasta kingdom chanting out into the world fe try
fi lift up’bout it a ruin reputation mouth tha was molding
that was shaping doubt, some ina boda fe hear it out
rasta kingdom chanting out clarification ina between fe read
time enough will make all works be seen,intention to know might
be a word believe
mistake upon the joumey man have all had these
so is a strengthen who we dey ya and lake it in
when rasta kingdom chanting out.when vehicle
side a road pump sound
the EMPEROR’s name ina the singers their mouth
when rasta kingdom chanting out,sending
when the high thought regards about
human self study come fi work it out, had better
been fainess anld objective route,
well rasta children chanting out,say is a betta
world they come about
it is a betta world they come about
rasta kingdom chanting out, when the pope did
done come fe drop we out
rasta kingdom stay shout Out, rasta kingdom chanting out
Cyber blog to enter privacies, virus computer
catch disease like biological entities, chain
reaction from erase to freezejus lika thing when
people can’t believe (2x)
rasta kingdon chanting out,King Selassie I
help them find dem mouth
King selassie I open up they mouth ,and how
a righteous de fe live out,sus out
When rasta kingdon chanting out,Guide up
teaching leading out
proper eating fe go see it about loyalties whey
to see about world children chanting out, after
work Herbs deliverance from drought
Selassie youth dem chanting out,lie whey take
back recant about
and talk a different thing whey find reach out
rasta kingdon chanting out
rasta kingdom chanting out
rasta children speaking out

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