midnite scheme a things


Warrior priest and king King Sealassie I
they’re seeking the herd psychology yeah yeah
Drifting in the movment market money oh ooohh
What shall the next train beeeeeeeeeeee
…Which is strengthen or relief fine family
Or which shred the cord of I-manitY
By a policy of morrow what a run freely
Life what a tec ya over flirty
sea Oh Yeaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh
Betrayal for silver pieces thirty
And Coronation in a 9teen tight in thirty
The imaculate word of his Majesty
They try to stamp reach cotton n sugar cane flees wear
it whats really needed for some soul relief
Yeah well well well
them a harvest a whole done a influence out a outmost grief money n influence Strong hold when turn heastry relief tiff yeah
when they send them to the front line
And them struck to the most like lam
When they send them to congress to lã before the wrong qualities of man Ethiopian Emperor with the lineage of Jesse David n King Salomon
Pointed the sound and the word
to the whole world to overstan say
Mountain Royalty of a whole Rastaman
Rasta in a thanks n Praise instruction
Many licks was a tribulation of a whole ragadam
found worthy by time retall victory to stand yes
when them tears are gone get a preference over patant
from since a bluenik war against cottage Africans
the mighto country a fall desperate into Private Hands
for in long in recognition from blood dispersions which part the gift forward and they get back the lam as time go long seen
when they send them to the front line n them strap to th e most like lam
when them send them to congress to law before the wrong qualities of MAN it’s the Ethiopian Emperor with the lineage of Jesse of David and of King Solomon to overstan well they are seeking the herbs psychologie and then is drifting in the movement market money oh what shall the next train be eh
well it’s strengthen or relief fine Family yeah will shred the clock of I manity yeah by a policy of a morrow what a run freely eh life what a take yah OVAH FLIRTY see it was the betrayal for silver pieces 30 on Coronation n a 19 tight n thirty the imaculate word of his majesty they tried to stamp to reach a cotton and sugar being feed where it was well needed for some soul relief well well them harvest in a whole na influence out a outmost grief
Yeah money n influence strong hold when return in east relief see it yeah

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