midnite scheme a things


In the Eyes of Jah In the Eyes of Jah in the eyes of JAH Put this whole soul outlaw put the 23rd psalm and executed the where them dove walls a ba by the rivers of babylon bazra youth red eyes and comin deep in blood baba youth when they lick another one Chant fi di root higher chant fi di root chant fi di root
All kind of man Jah need some right of and some poor free is the sight of the last time is vanity and need a hundred pear a shoes a wear most a sadam pitt
I cross a 100 miles of BLOOD
RED SEA 100 000 miles of BLOOD RED SEA SEA you cannot appease I, with ya shallow and ya empty the pope undertaker come come bear nativity all them governing power come from robbery from robbery from robbery
Put this soul outlaw put the 23 psalm and still executed whether them do walls above when u lick another one chant fi di root
All kind of hi-profile recrute wear it a game most time it’s untruth high up upon your time a video if internet activity
me a sure you say nature is my scenery mean cannabi speak every true you carry natty carry natty unless a moonlight back tick Jah have with me plantation is the daughter make highly stop and none of them come but me them can’t JAH just dust and make the guilty go free welllllllllllll
Chant from the root grow out from the route we could never call home dada u can’t apolagize miss care to leave red eyes n camin deep in blood baba youth when you lick another one Chant for di root
thaliban and sufi thurv and dan di gout vi red eyes and come in blood deep deep blood baba youth when they lick another one chant fi di rule Red in the eyes of Jah red still in the eyes of Jah red in the eyes of Jah red eyes n comin deep in BLOOOWD baba youth oh oh blood baba youth baba youth when vi lick another one chnat fi di root IN the eyes of JAH man could never hear no vatican fresh traitor In the eyes of JAH IN the eyes of JAH look what them do in the EYES of Jah

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12 August 2015 at 12:59:12



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