midnite lion out of zion

Value life

Generations on a journey...
A journey worth a couple lifetimes
Jah know same things we've never seen like;
The arrogancey of self absorption... Yeah!!!
And on a compare scale is how we see life
Looking for the Front that's acting like the lead... Yeah!
There are forces Ivine...
Out on the range to minuscule minds...
So when the truth and the news combine,
Of little control we have over time...
Catastrophic events over night...
When the morning of a New Shine
And fragility of mortality reminds...
When the loose screws are entrance denied.
Don't want to see enemies rejoice...
Well there's a new day of shocking re prioritized...
When His Majesty talk...the full implication undisguised...
It was a blue print for a better mankind;
Ultimatum of a must comply...
If I n I Value Life...
Value Life!!!
I n I get aware worldwide...
Conscience Worldwide
Don't resort to scheme and fight,
There are human laws Iniversal worldwide...
As kindness is felt worldwide...
In a moment of anguish and deprive...
And when we seek Jah with Heart and Mind,
RastafarI... RastafarI!!!
When it's not possible to cover all the miles...
Give gaiety and reverence a life,
A prayer is empathy for the disenfranchised...
If I n I Value Life!!!
Value Life!!! Get aware worldwide!!!
Conscience Worldwide!!!
Value Life... Value Life!!!
Value Life... Value Life
Value Life... Conscience Worldwide!!!
Value Life... I Value Life!!!

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