midnite lion out of zion

Two worlds

Five o clock after 4 in the morning in ah the dark..,
The truck back a load up vegetables off to mart.
High city speed of how outline ah chalk...
Painted fashionable in ah them window tip power learner perform...
Two Worlds live in commute and drive away apart...
With different aspirations of the talk.
Some have them preserve earth nature walk,
Some have materialistic class seed in ah them heart.
Shout that asunder... Equality of man no depart...
Hail I Selassie Jai RastafarI bring art..
All who willing to love and overpower arm...
With a walking deep powerful to voluntarily disarm.
Good situation and lessons have willing participants...
All overs what the participation demand!!!
Even how there are links, some personal...
For the self same Imanity of wants...
Of wants!!!
Earth geographic message of ones!!!
They turning the desperation into rubberbands (robber bands)...
Which willing one to stand the front of the Gideon...
One day to fight... and Another way to run!!!
From the Garden house such an escalation must began...
Word from another beside a creator come down...
Ye subtly serpent I bruise your pride and bun out doubt...
Coming soon to the neighborhood to regard the love...
Singing songs/psalms of I soul free...gnos and encourage get up!!!
In the waters of blessings...
Negus Christ is he...
Who pour the rains of the freshly...
And the reigns, his wife's was his...
Emanate claim at ease!!!
The holding power of Menelik stand at Victory... Series C!!!
Imperial Rome come out to be the finishing blow;
To Selassie I retreat!!!
We have Psalms.... Chant!!!
Told from 2000 before the deepest start
1940 and so on... Has come to pass!!!
The Lion of the Tribe of Judah!!!
He is righteous confrontation heart with equity and sound judgement...to conquer wrath!!!
To conquer Wrath!!!

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