midnite lion out of zion

Pass it on

Everytime you hold a good vibes... JAH happy!!!
Mmm... If you see the need Jah know say Pass It On!!!
Everytime you hold a good vibes.... JAH happy!!!
If you see the need Jah know say Pass it On!
Collie herb and Kali City...
Is a dreaded simile
Bucket weigh and bucket too
In ah iron country
From the ghost of Coromandel, every man couldn't come from man key (monkey)...
Them would fight back if them stand up in a foreign getiatry....
With ah having bongo locks crown and anchor chief (handkerchief).
Minneapolis out in ah the West Coast across the sea...
With the image and the vidage of an ancient breed.
Over Ithiopia He lead the arc of Black King and Odyssy!
But just to hear this act of how them exploiting a modernity...
Well Babylon introduce you to the Sun we see for that you want fi be!!!
Well it of Cris'...and bring twist; set up quick chimney!!!
For the eagle of we Sabbath have man destiny...
Nuff black law set up GanJah on trap and them a trap boobie...
From them love Selassie I ah from the youth RuBe!
Well the children was pose fi stand up ya in ah militancy...
From their One Cup was claimed... I with them backward to the sea!!!
In an Ancient Anthology, a Fisherman Story!!!
Everytime you hold a good vibes Jah happy...
Everytime you hold a good vibes Jah happy...
You see... If feel the need... Know say fi
Pass it On... Pass it On!!!
When the Ancient Criwn and Tythe coronate yah recently....
When them hide it up in ah enmity and vexity;
Look in revenge yah now fi Adwa...come Mussollini!
Jahmakey and Vincey ah well it sticky mintea!
Rastar lifting up Medi in ah good righteous setti...
Make the people praise Selassie I, the Almighty!!!
Livity we have it clean and witty, no stupidy!
Bring a Joy from the inner vacuous how soul be (household be), JAH JAH bring it in a breeze, in ah safety!
Come you ... And Come you and you...
Come make a Community;
'Cause formation to Iyahment will...made to see...
That is One Blood within in ah Imanity.
Just fi use your commentary opportunity; what the word is involved with 'til everyone see...
Remote communications, iPad... DVD...
Me, sure before me done speak, them is obsolete...
Telling the people not fi say no goods in foreign Chinese...
When them have them as Thai takeover calling company.
Everytime you think a good thing JAH happy!
Everytime you hold a good vibes JAH happy!
You see... If feel the needs know say fi
Pass it On!!!
Anytime you hold ah...
Edify your older...
Everytime you hold ah good vibes
Anytime you hold a good vibes... Jah happy!!! Jah happy!!! Purpose your heart fi make Jah happy!!!
If you feel the need JAH know say...
Pass it On!!!

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