midnite let live

The Gad

Psalms of Deliverance, Chants of Deliverance
Long time man been livingin Babylon waiting for political judgement comedown party for the day when tanned things sound down moving out the way of the icecream rundown keep everybody strong now no baller come broken oww ho in the bed long after the sun fe come up now Rastaman walk up the word and sound now Why do the theme never call out bout the come…
Rastamana chant se da when dem come out though Chant or tha gain Rastafari fe shout out Plant forth again like the ark of the convenant sent out a ravenout..ayeaee..eh…Sympathy enroute on call like dem beat boising le dem out and the first one ferat out the first one fe talk till the first one fe come tosmellout…ayeaee..Rastaman a chant an till dem walk out dewell out When the herb is gone whom the first one to sell out Hell out to whom a the times keep low Wha make the mouth just keep what the mbellowout…ayeaee…eh…
Long time man been living in babylon waiting for political judgment come down party for the proof on tanned things sound down moving out the way of the icecream rundown Keep every body strong no baller come broken ow Who in the bed long after the sun fe come up Rastaman chant pon word and sound even the one who make us under the sun brokedown You and the uncle and the father heardI you and him who is only son and daughter You relegateto the word man slaughter fruit of the ways of the inner sin art of…yeaeemmm…ay…

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