midnite let live

Rastafari lead the way

Exalt not yourself to false ambition.
Don’t be making twilight your bright sunshiny day.
You that trust in your own self’s vision
Know that Rastafari lead the way.

We that grow up now know to all our corner
Knowing that humble silence is better to prefer.
Man that we’ll study is all our condition
Start from one dep??

Jah is man light and man salvation
Guide I though endless twilight light of day.
Brightness will inflate man in a vision
To false steps which lead man to wrong ways.

Know that Rastafari lead the way
Keep our sinful manners, livity going
All man is the physiological same thing
Depending upon where your heart of cultivating in de

Know that Rastafari lead the way
Thou things such a regal livity could ever speak upfully
Showing man the dangers in the way
How not to move, how not to speak, what not to eat, what not to say
Rastafari the eye writ his scripture away

Making nuff adjustment, nuff adaptations
Changing up your diet everyday, changing up your psychological intake,
Knowing so that this consume shall same way

Hail the I, Selassie I, Rastafari lead the way
Coming through the ghetto, nose upturned
Manners and pedigree, how dem they stay?
Only the down knows that the feelings of helplessness and opressness
Can reach every each and every human each day.

Rastafari, Selassie I, Jah Rastafari

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