midnite let live

Let live

so many angles of diverse imanity, speaking diverse mockery of blasphemy vanity, abstract an seen in there manipulation policy , and so the image of the physical they dismiss entirely , whole man is jah image an positively charge, silk against a body is negation large, out of my temple jah light fi chant ah barrage, the unseen manifest is jah image come across ya, manifold guru and commercial philosophy, couple dollars a it fi tell you what events of ya life ah go be…

haile i selassie i jah rastafari is the ancient of mistery alligment of the attributes under judah pole star…

ANALIZE THIS…the human body a plain and dwelling place for diverse of entity because of the simple ignorance of knowing how fi eat correctly, consume fast food fortune 500 concept, but consume could be more clear fi all fi see, your eyes have ah appetite and that is sometimes slack, can eat everyting inside to infinity with no hold back, your mouth eat and stomach is quickly full, but the appetite of ear could hold more than the ocean food, consumption of physical matters consumption of the astral eat manipulating to enrich dem old cold vampire…

You hear ya… a simple modern technological devices with such an obscure thought, until deh seed of a fire shape the ideal material into tangibility as to be sold and bought even the program in line up and shape to people late night face and needs they know exactly what is to put before you days and moments of something you going thru to feed the greed all the rate show and legitimization paper is to track and feed….LET LIVE!!!

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