midnite let live

All my life

All the days, all I lives, all I times
Runnin’ from the millions in time are I n I
Stand firm, Jah praise I
All my life, all my health, all my God,

Nutritional balance is wealth,
They move in stealth to take your wealth Yeah I
Redeem yourself from a unhealthy mode of thought
Raise your mind, find your feet
Use the earth, use the waters as your guidance.
Find your way to the valley
Something really fast ending with: Babylon for surely they are.
Prey, prey. They have become the prey.

All my life, all my God, all my God
All my balance, all my joy
All my days I give Jah praise, I give Jah praise, praise.
Give Jah the praise.

For surely he is with me for make I to survive
through the valley of the shadow of dangerous times.
All my life, all my thoughts, all my spark, all my talk

One thing continually from in my Iration, livity hey.
Rastaman authority, in the trinity, originally, stand up I-tiopia
Be seen and become dat of an ancient decree of ancient livity
Will teach we practices, what we call culture
Originally I n I Jah will teach we highly the almighty is the majesty.
Ovah land and sea

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