midnite kings bell

What about sudan

Let it be world renown
equity on David’s throne
His majesty rose to the challenge alone
And is join by the heavenly host
That when history reflections be shown
Ina the lessons of who win and lose
Rastafari give of His wisdom to truth
Caution protection life is truth
Caution protect life it’s true
It’s a noble aspiration
Protecting a defenseless population
They say them reach fe sekkle the ease ina war
By bringing them more of all out war
Ina the class struggle what an elite distinction
Business first I-manity second
What about Sudan?
Hey what about Sudan?

Acumen strategic international corporation
No investment to protect they protect no one
Should it reach them to protect human potential
When the whole celebrity strata is the child of immigrant
From the country root foundation and inception
And them acquire them acquisition outta bad man gang
And all new immigrant wey set down join the same program
It was defenseless inna de jungle it was survival
It was like something one coulda see pon a nature channel
It was sweatshop child labor, rodent infestation
Inna collision with Native American call Puritan
And them state say they was running away from persecution
And do worser than who dem say they just run way from
Dem erase dem do wrong, now it’s logo dem pon
Ina the national park and ina de recreation
And then after dem wreck it dem a shout “praise God”
But the new name Haile Selassie I the first on the land
Recent history keep them in check if dem dare speak wrong
Numerous betrayal of the charter wha they signature pon
It was morphing same idea with a new appearance
Lobby dipping loopholes inna de law outta wealth arrogance
From it’s class we all fear the shape of the Armageddeon
But the elements no respect shanty nor mansion
Rasta send supplication unto the I-mighty One
Merciful punishment, chastisement and instruction

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