midnite kings bell

System peak out

Your system a peak outa world conscience
Selassie I of knowledge the wealth so drink of the well
Starting outa who gidem people fe sell
Where does that leave the black man in the west
Haile Selassie I the first of Ethiopia say yes
Watch the middle east vibration Israel

The principle of the king is steady advancing
The whole thing still come down to one signature executive
Them coulda name Prime Minister Premier President or anything
As the singular leadership for cohesion purposes
Is wether them is a democracy or a republic
Or some semblance of the two things intertwined
Them say them a capitalist really a socialist
When the government supplement all national industry and control it
Universal human rights already spoke gifts
Now humanize and civilize what you approach is
From the time them pen to paper laws wid them goose quill
You can see where the supreme court show them prejudice
Your immediate frame of reference is shortsighted
As state by state contagion is setting
Ina Libya the revolution coincide with
Tempestuous weather conditions and a delayed ship
As portents in history are not to be played with
With socio-economic conditions stagnated
Your concessions at the podium are belated
How do you condemn a ripple effect and topple your own interests?
Between rock stone and a hard place with damage to assess
They naw leggo dem grip ina selfishness yet
Forget the Africans ina the root of how you gather your wealth
Resources confiscated and people dispossessed
And can’t seem to get back their dignity yet
Like the whole world ready fe go down ina bad man flex
Disruption and blockage of email and text
You dun pay all your money and you still get disconnect
Have people they fe figure out how you habla dialect
A pressure the middle class outa tax fe collect
Like the knock out the wind outa the middle solar plex
How much people a go tek before people get vex
Them see the volatility climate and button still a press
Not to mention the press how them beat down the press
Rasta order unu fe humble and quickly issue address
Like everywhere is war and random dead
And anarchists a love it how the chaos a spread

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