midnite kings bell

Mongst I&I

Itektion in this time

Itektion everytime

Upheaval is turning over in this time

Everyday you get up a morning and get a new surprise

A different political terrain, right before your eyes

Taking shape, in the time


Just keep good relations

Mongst I & I more time

Mout Zion I more time

A Mount Zion I more time

Mongst I & I more time

Their pride is wounded

A correspondent had them responding

Didn’t know the tape was still running

The sinister tone the emails carried

After requested expert for analysis

And a after they tested

Protestation a remove things in a palaces

Subterranean a deeper than a secret

Electronic betrayal the court receipt is


Desperation proportion of a body politic

The internet what fed them perspective

chaotic need fe know them need a alternative

Before you all go break down and tear down everything

Uno ave fe ave some kind a plan of how to proceed in

Them ave a ripple effect distabalizing everything


All economies all nations will be affected

Every similar situation now is panicking

Wondering if violent repression will be needed

All now is weda if is to vacate the premises

The thresh hold break between passivity and resist

Them send the blood hounds when them smell secret accounts

And then the masses right now set out fe work it out

The after math stability was hope alone

Pundits called it mob rule and throwing stones

That the play by play is still in play let that be known

No nation can be arrogant and go look down dem nose


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