midnite kings bell

Exhalt the crown

Staying afloat in the pressing stream
Holding onto the buoyancy of stability
About what that means in a work put in
When love is the linking a topography concrete
Mek sure say that when that one day call, you reach
In either a mass communication or pon two feet
That’s how want and need a go eat and sleep
Without anxiety wrecking the peace
This is the world billion dollar industry
Chemical industry from how people feel
Chemical imbalance setting in
When cooperation and unity invade the deep
Places of dissonance and bring relief
I exalt the crown
For methods he spoke out
And them nah say love, they nah say live
If they what they want is break and down
The build and up will black a sound
The hearted people praise the crown
The festival look like a Rasta town
The children of prestige and affluence also
Working for I-manity causes with the gusto
Expenditure their resources and energy to the also
Natural link up the youth Jamaica from Cruz
Musical consumption of complete whole food
You have music whey pleasant and music whey rude
Some even go say they music is pleasantly rude
From that’s how them select it when them select them mood
But I exalt the crown
I exalt the crown x2
For methods he spoke out
The money demanding question it no ease
From the entire spectrum a fe seet pan repeat
Don’t warn fe get them goals in a life defeat
Situational enemy hostility
Stay apart until them can meet with civility
Ave a shortness of reason visibility
About the big picture life waan fe free
Haile Selassie I His Majesty heal clarity
About the step what fi take place be
Concerning education directionally
From is Black Melchezideck again Haile
The morphogenic grid of the whole world be
Ina de first souls of the soul of the Almighty
Grateful and thankful all the day be
Don’t always how to relate how relate be
Choice from the garden your destiny
I exalt the crown x2
From them nah say love, them nah say life
If what they want is break and down
The build them up will black a sound
The hearted Rasta praise the crown
I exalt the Crown
For totality he spoke it out
I exalt the Crown
Ina any endeavor ah go gi Jah a honor
Ina business and pleasure ah go gi Jah a honor
Ina refinement in a raw ah go gi Jah a honor
When it’s to you I dem a hollah a go gi Jah a honor
For the crowning principles of the Emperor
Put in everything you got inna go gi Jah a honor
Watch contagion a conquer when you gi Jah a honor
Ana nothing den no wha run go gi Jah a honor
Exalt the Crown x2
I Exalt the Crown

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