midnite kings bell

Black mamba

Selassie I
Don’t let the poor and the needy be devour
The chastisement of poverty is in eminence ya
Ina the whole world me mean look at the bigger picture
An eleven foot six hundred pound tiger
Him get fed up all of a sudden what dem a pet him mouth for
Ina an instant he remember his true nature
Not to mention black mamba and king cobra
Mek any whey ga thank de father for well being oh Jah
Did distillation of the balance tek iniquity law?

Them did camp pan diamond and gold ina Africa
And ave retirement home down ina Equada
Them did flood out media ya wid them propaganda
Then the dangerous situation need mediator
See wha groove to this a rhythm ya no boda wid dat
Mek the whole dancehall come alive with what
A rhythm a comfort a rhythm of hope a rhythm of niceness out ya
The brightness of a one countenance change another demeanor
Ina one bag a desperate decision out ya
In this time neighbor aga ave fe help neighbor
Is ideological divide way deep down ya
Mek dictator can compel them supporters
Fe draw hardware them a draw not pon canvas Jah
To the blank slate
The allegiance whey them a give way ova Jah
Ova transient things wid consequence nah
All I a suffer over trial and error
Sadness and hollow Jah know say it fe move go back
Metabolical chemical soup a get sick fe dat
Rasta face the situation as go conquer that
When a dread situation mek you think a lot
When is the self control get the blame fe what
When you know say that you is that’s when you show you not
When ina the ghetto red hot is self defense in that
Still a try avoid the plot dun deep in the plot
Some of them only ave joy when them pocket fat
Them ave friends and clientele enemy and lover
Family and all associates double and triple to dat
Each one is a system not just the one you see singular
A city built upon embattlements should ave regard for
To the blank slate
The allegiance whey them a give way ova Jah
Ova transient things wid consequence nah
All I a suffer over trial and error

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