midnite kings bell


It hurt your heart sometimes
Man whey speak it bittersweet
Man whey speak it bittersweet, bittersweet

Rasta Fari give I and I the means
To get through these times of rapid shifting prophecy
Who ina the future will they be
Media ova drive a feed them negation qualities
Well how dare I mam to speak
If repercussions on the ground prove it no good fe none of we
If statistical demographics a bear witness openly
Sociology and economy a tell the whole story
It’s not wether you say you know nor wether you say you see
Prisoners know freedom is a dangerous ideology
It was the wretched of the earth ina enslavement poverty
And they popping off explosively recently
Man whey speak it bittersweet
Man whey speak it bittersweet, yeah
Til it even look like follow fashional copy
When courage is breaking international boundary
They better study infrastructural methodology
The trade deficits of the world are of trade necessity
Bittersweet, man weh speak it bittersweet
International diplomacy masterpiece
Interaction and approach to all of these
In Royal attire and finely tuned gentilities
His Imperial Majesty stand up and chastise the League
So now a go visit His speech and then visit reality
The accuracy to Hitler and to Mussolini
Because of serene demeanor level balance of speech
Gone go think man fe soft and think man fe weak
And end up ina clashaclism end up ina defeat
Ethiopia victory did bittersweet
Bittersweet, bittersweet, bittersweet
Man weh speak it bittersweet, bitter sweet
Haile Selassie I
They thought they would be happy to see so many seeking democracy
Without knowing their internal consensus mentality
But interruption of the trade routes that bring them stability
Prices on the rise because of inaccessibility
These are the actualities that make things bitter sweet
When it really reach affecting immediacy
So farmers know say yes now is the time fe dweet
Yes I and I a fe eat so mus dweet
Bittersweet, bittersweet, bittersweet ina me speech
Bittersweet, bittersweet, bittersweet. Speech

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