midnite kayamagan

The good life

Feeling alright
Feeling alright
whats the good life? **
Walk into an almost lover-old friend
On the front step
On the moonlight
Feeling alright*

The vision of man, woman, n my likle lion sleeping
Wrap up- hug up all tight
Whats the good life?*
Working for yourself,
Providing for your family and
Moving on your own time
Thats the good life***

Eas-i-ly Jah control me
I-man neva too busy
Eas-i-ly like pun no concrete
Na race 500 Indy
You fake monopoly money
Neva backed by gold currency
This can not make them happy
Well, what can?
Just the good life!*

Feeling alright*
Thats the good life*
Well established in your own neighborhood
Well respected in your own right
Thats the good life*
When your enemy know your coupe too large
To even begin fight
Thats the good life*
Enty inna body
Sound inna mind
When you find thats on the incline
Thats the good life*

Most of all at peace with Jah
Well contented in your own mind
On the inside*
Putting heart on the scale with a feather
Handful and seen right
Thats the good life
I got bread on my back again
He said we going for a bike ride

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