midnite joyful noise

Judgement in measurement


A woahh

Dealing out the medicine take judgment in measurement
Judgment in measurement no cramp out crush out them

A livin one in progress is a soul in commencement

Deed come from perception, philosophy color lite de

Fear com from the knowledge of the guild extend

Conquering and to conquer is thi ooffical emblem

World leaders stumbling with can find guts to speak cat lit

Procreation is thi only way live advance lit

To merrity and set an city light like nuclear chain react it

All across the globe you can see how it became set

They said the machocayd, so a no man tek out, them a chuck you with

If you no already se that light can be blinding

The power and proximity in the flace from the welding

Look into closely a fi shield from blindness

Cut away impurities fainess and blindness yess

Like new every morning something shocking of world, for small boy and girl

For years been preparing horrora movie in a blood murder and gore, in social setting galore

To get them ready for shore, to get them ready for shore

To strengthen thi unjust rad fi go poor galore

Righteous thi evil shall slay the wicked and thi righteous man stand hear rastaman

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