midnite infinite quality


If it please the most high to give strength,

If it please the most high to give talent and abilities

It would be simply public relations

In keeping the neighborhood tight

It’s got meaning, it’s got placement and feeling

Yeah, wow ohhhh, ayyy, oh yeahh

If it please the most high, to give insight

Implementation, to give improvisation, perfection

If it pleeease the most high,

to give to the willing and the humble and the open to do them right, yes

If it pleeeeease the most high, that whom he should bless

If it pleeeeeease the most high, then who should disprove?

The grounds the holy grounds, the feeding place, sincerity

Don’t be running this thing like congress

The grounds, the feeding place, the cleansing heart

The pointed I, at self, to look

If it please the most high, if it pleeeeease the most high

to give it to the youth, incubate in it

For all I know, principle to be food

For all I know, to be guidelines for self

For all I know, to refuse it

For all I know

Ayyy the grounds, the feeding place

Sincerity the grounds

Like how dey sayin caught on what grounds, on what basis

The fulcrum the base, rudimentary in the grounds

Rudimentary root in the grounds, see root crude like oil

The grounds, the holy place

Ahhh ayyy….

The grounds, here is the grounds

Babylon can’t, can’t come honor we root

Dem can’t, can’t come believe man history

Dem can’t conquer our genealogy

But the arrogance of the body is just vanity and false density

But still dem can’t, if we choose Selassie we know seh dat dem can’t

Penetrate rasta love dem can’t, can’t reach we livity

We know dem can’t, dem theyself a needy

Dem, can’t, reach to the pinnacle dem love they can’t

Because dem nah love the creation dem can’t

Penetrate the rastaman armor dem can’t

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Netherlands  Netherlands Rotterdam
05 February 2013 at 11:00:07



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