midnite infinite quality


World strain
Frequency yo know?

Give ya false food upon the frequency
Them come fe give ya false food upon the frequency
Attacking our mind with the frequency
Them come fe give yu false food pon the frequency

Depth, pathologic, look you see
Inna ya depth, inna ya depth psychology
Them a give ya their ultrasonic bombard man ressonance
Pon the frequency
Yeah, upon the frequency

Them come fe give false food pon the frequency
Them come fe block up the rastaman trinity, you see
Give yu false food upon the frequency

Who them a go attack, first is maternity
When you see
Frequency, it’s just this frequency
Them come fe keep bad thinking, pon the frequency
Them come fe keep it,
All just sonic ressonance, inna our frequency
Them come fe keep ____ traffic inna we frequency
Come fe amplify ya toughts of negativity, inna the frequency

Then come fe give yu bad food, pon the frequency
Them come fe attack we country pon the frequency
Them come attack we soberanity, yeah upon the frequency
If you think they cant see whe your mental image be
Them know you frequency, them know you frequency

Them have a laser search out, for your frequency
Them a, unite your hydron, bomb to the image where your hydron
Particles a show them, diffraction, diffusion, crystallography
Inna the heart of the crystal, where the scatter in center be
Inna the frequency, we deh inna the frequency,

Love Jah Almighty is the frequency,
Well Rastafari chanting out inna the frequency
Praising Haile I Selassie I inna the frequency
Oh HE Haile is the frequency

Joseph fathers name was Haile inna the frequency
All of Selah ____ been praised inna the frequency
We coming frequently, praising the Almighty
Yeah yeah, inna the frequency,
Unno hear inna this frequency
Them all a attack we mindset inna the frequency
Them all a have your mental image, send it _________
Far country, fe see, you frequency
Haile Selassie I be praised, protect the frequency
The frequency of love and truth, inna the frequency
Protect the frequency of togetherness in frequency
Oh HE Haile, Jah is the frequency

Hole heap of destruction and diverting inna them frequency
Them all a come with all attacking from the far country
Inna them frequency, inna the frequency
Them all a attack likkle baby inna the frequency
_________move my wing, them a watch the frequency
Them know the harmony is in the duality,
Jah know the frequency, Jah know the frequency
Jah protect, He love you one or another way ever each other be
Is all one love, born inna the frequency
Holding firm in oneness all together frequency

And the distant cannot be found inna close proximity
It is the closeness of a heart what bind the frequency
Because the distance are of pattern inna the frequency
It’s the microscopics bounds in the frequency
Oh, hold on togheter ya, in one Inity, inna the frequency
Love and community, inna the frequency
Inna the frequency

Make sure you all______ inna yu frequency
Pray for the protection of the place you live inna the frequency
The place where you been gathered in capivity
Oh, the frequency
Pray fe the ruler of the world, inna the frequency
Inna the frequency
Don’t know the _____ and the waters of side kick memories
Inna the frequency, inna the frequency
We all condition in the earth with all rightouness
You don’t know frequencies, is what appear to He
You know the frequency, when ya hear, frequency
when ya hear, frequency, it’s the frequency
That’s the dragon is the ____ that is the frequency
The abomination and the mouse inna the frequency
One thousand years we a look for frequency
Inna the frequency

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