midnite infinite quality

Before David

Before David, Bathsheba
Before Solomon, Makeda
Before Moses, Zipporah
Vashti did come before Esther
Jah come from Ithiopia
Anything dem prime minister ha’,
Within the aptitude ah Jah, Omri Ithiopia
Ina Archangel Michael Law, no matter how much claw them dragon ha’
They cannot reach the Emperor
Confound them Mutabaruka,
The Holy mountain of Luna,
Give we we heritage fi wah
As Beta Israel Falasha,
As there is a stroke of amnesia, now the youth chant rasta
For they cant buy them no car
so dem innovate ragga, yeahhhhh


Study the earth and figure out mama law,
To desobedient ina yah,
And kill out the Earth because ah wah?
By the use by Lucifer,
Spark rastaman bun di chalawa,
Give smoke of offering unto JAH,
No bada go drag down you heart inna,
Wrong taught you project to your bredda

Hear one again

As iver winter left the summer far
I see the vision of the arts of Jah,
A flaming sword a fire cah
Fe guard the gad in Equator,
The whole world this generation ya,
A go sight up the Emperor
Selassie give I nuff power ova,
Mental illusion inna ?red draw? —> (What i understand)
Ganja sativa ya indica,
Rastaman a ride ya inna ???
I and I stand up when never
Them try fe crush ya and step ova,
For the once all inna my gear,
Please no bring that ova ya
These are i people leave i share, cause if I share, I waan fe share ahhhh
Hear one again


Haile Selassie I … over you,
We dont vatican interview
Fe keep the precept ______
We dont scatter until ____,
We dont straight but _____,
For the love I keep Jah near,
For the truth I keep a pure yeahhh

Try make David copper dissapearing the field out the ____
And still be seem to _____
So agressive out a fear
What _____ learn from Delilah,
She chant to the inocence of Diana
And dem still a fight ova ahhh

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