midnite full cup

Man Ethio

Rastaman A Seh!
Who Don’t Believe, Dem (gona) A Critic A Ya
Neither Vaio And Jupiter A Ya
Diverse Name Interior
All Would Amount To A Just Member
Inify The Body Of The Emperor
The Ras It Is The Spirit Of The Self Master
Jah Peoples Of The Ghetto Wicked Cyan Enter
Into The 72 Names Of Jah

Haile I Selassie Ras Tafari ?Tai Tao? (Tai=big Tao=nature,way)
Together(To Gather?) Asu (In Sudan) Dem High Kings Of Regional Garner
Who Seek The Breeze Of The Shield Of Jah
Zimbabwe Not Rhodesia
We All Love Dem Road Scholar
Man No Matter Pon The Acts Of My Temperence Builds
Seh Me A Man Of An Excellent Worth So I’m Not No Ape Culture
Even Though The Ape Social Structure
This Hafi Dem Instruct Iyah
Anything Man Slang Get Up And Go Wrong
Go Go Echo Out All Who Him Call Rewa(rd)
Simeon A Zion Satta Monkey Wa
Meet With Unseemly (her?) In A Numera
Dis A Breed Judah Who To Commercialize Ina Di Pope Words
Sound Slap So Because A Wa
Merely To The Insult He Is Still Unfamiliar

Man Ethio Apes Upon The Land Was Not No Entertainer
Rock Him Sing A Tune, I Ain’t No Joke Yoda
Cannabis And Obi Wan Kanobe That A Not No Rig Veda
White Blood Cell Dominate Over That A Leukemia
Same Luke A Come Come Name Ya Wa Him Name Skywalker
Han Solo Cyan Clap Clap Alone Oh No
Cracked Up Head Top Of The Black Veder And Still A Sell It All Ya
Still You Must Over Come Himself For You To Steal Prometheus Fya
Remus That S-U-M-E-R, Sumer
?Romy?(Rome?) Two Half Breed And General Sota
Call Themself (???) ___ , Cleopatra Needed, An Essential Barbie
Think So By Arabs, Not Aware Of The Significancy
Mauritanians Of Santo Domingo Of Ye Ethiopian Highland Be
The Kin The African ???______? Portuguese
The Remnant My Real Descendent, A Know Who Dem Black Pickney A Have VD’s
First Thing Them Do Whenever Them Invade Countries
Black Market Them A Deal Wit And Antiquities And Displacement Of
Monumental Properties
When Ya Look Again Same Thing Napoleon Do Ya Ina Two Thousand And Three
Jah What I Saw And What I Get, And What They Came Here For, Magnetic
Lay Lines Ya Ina Itiopia
Incubated And Exclude (???) Of The Inner, Well
Earth Could A Never Deplete Rice Again Whatsoever
What Your City Desolate From Trying Do Deh, To Do The Right Thing Late
Assembly Line Mentality Don’t Read Into All Irate, All Aspect
Greed And Competition Are Your Ingredients
Is Like A Stump A Root Could Be A Stumbling Block So Prominent
Take For Instance Lamb Skipping Upon The Continent
Lawns Of Barren Excellence, Ego Expansive Obvious Loneliness
And, Ghetto People Enjoying Life, Keeping Out Of Your Own Business
How You Treat People Balance Law Of Jah, This
How To Sustain The Permanent Respecter Of Fearness, This
They Using Our Technology But What About When You Come And Thieve It
African (???)___ Binary Polarity, Electromagnetic Laws That Build
Without Your Machinery
Haile I Selassie Have You Feed And Blood Thirst Ina These Four Century
If You Want Your Generations You Have To Demolish All Of Our Sacred
For They All Speak Against You From What Your Earth Needs Be
And That’s Surely Good Enough Reason To Hunt And Tear Down Everybody
Jah What I Saw An What I Get, Hear But A Hear
Man Ethio A So Bun So Long Was Not No Entertainer
Rock Him Sing A Tune, I Ain’t No Joke Yoda
Cannabis And Obi Wan Kanobe That A Not No Rig Veda
White Blood Cell Dominate Ova Dem A Cell Leukemia
Same Luke A Come, A Come Ya Lucifer Skywalker
Them Solo Cyan Clap Alone, Han Solo Cyan Clap Alone Oh No
Cracked Up Head, Top Of Head Black Veder, Nah Sell It Oh Yo
Still Youth Overcome To Steal Prometheus Fya
Remus Spells Sumer S-U-M-E-R ?Romy?(Rome?) To The African The Whole A
Dem A General Sota
???____Cleopatra Needed, An Essential Barbie, ‘Till So Not Of The
Ancient Of Antiquity
Arab Not Aware Of Their Significancy
Mauritanians Of Santo Domingo Of The Itiopian Highland Be
The Kin To African ????____Portuguese, The Remnant My Real Descendent
Dem Know Who Them Black Pickney A Be
First Thing Them Do Ya Whenever Them Come Invade Country
Black Market Antiquities And Debasement Of Monumental Property
Same Thing Napoleon Come Do Ya Ina Two Thousand And Three

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