midnite free indeed

Green pastures

Ever living Haile Selassie I Ever Present Enoch and the host Methuselah Elohim implements

 Still have mystified academics and burials in infringements

 In a the Royal Temple Mountain still as dumbfounded as in the beginning

 In a cavities of the Earth catacomb and mazes blind ropin in

 While simultaneously the world, the podium prelude

 His Majesty speak, listen!!!

 International decorum concern the laws of human governance of spirit it is

 Still relevant and unresolved

 The laws of moral restraint and thing

 All the headlines reflect the most right now, what Rastaman sayin’

 When the established disorder is reordering

 And them a watch it like a Global warming

 galactic connected it is

 While the Earth is living thing

 Good bring thing

 Keep living thing

 Green thing

 Green Pastures

 And green thing what keep giving thing

 Eco system so immense

 And still so delicate

 The art and the sciences of each living breathe it is

 No matter who much fighting for his the whole breathing is

 Bringing to Him the King, no matter how much their fighting is

 The highest living breathe is living ever spin

 David throne still ever locking in!!!

 It was another who was lacking in bright thought within

 His word show his balance as the FulFilling

 Lion of the Tribe of Judah, King of Kings!!!


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