midnite for all

Selassie bring it on

Come Jah bring it on JahJah bring it on JahJah bring it on Bring it on Selassie turn it on JahJah turn it on Jah turn it on AND THE HERBS ON THE HEART Like the springs of the dan turn it on when its a journey out a glory i land to bring it on as the culture is reborn as the rasta turn it on to live it on just to leave it on
ahhhhhhh even makebelieve is a manifestation accepts a run away them thing out of the mental petal everysound is put ya to form formation bring inspiration jah bring more compassion so much hard speaches over criminilize a patent over one embedded inna sufferation now hail jahjah guide up over women over man send a gambyah n gambYA n senegal muzik declaration to the population good is giving freely in a intention to plant the land.

In a tenement on the way of the ave same thing can happen in a happy and sad
give thanks for such waY a go full up a heart a glad pull fashion simple off to the best u can and gwan Jah turn it on Selassie turn it on rasta turn it on Jah turn it on jahjah bring it on springs of the Dan Jah turn it on the herbs on the Heart jahjah turn it on. In the west belly beast man have had to be strong and be battling for life with an essence of Love and a chariot riding a avalanche a sound a come down is not ellusive no is what a come down to form there is a armageddeon to heal a wounded one I THIOPYAN study and come jah bring it on jahjah bring it on jahjah bring it on jah bring it on selassie turn it on jahjah turn it on jah turn it on the herbs on the heart springs of the dan Jah turn it on ooonnnnnnnn.

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