midnite culturellennium


excellency (why?)

poorer in mind
overindulgence inna sexual appetite
physco-margah(small minded) rome,with them intoxicated device
them cause the black son to dismiss paridise
mole on bread…
set out fe ,set out fe bruck(brake)out the line
cut clean from marrow
sound blow out of truth and rights
sound blow out of truth and rights
and it name, excellency
right now it come down,excellency
ah we chant say ,excellency
brazen and bold,whole teeth over bite…
ites,gold and green..
belt on Jah..it tight
hungry never stop I,broke never block Isite.
hemoglobin of herb? meh blood stream and stand up high
meh blood stream and stand up high
cause of excellency
watch how it come down,excellency
how it come down, excellency
blue sun,of no heat and little light..
we a tell you sah blue sun……

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