midnite cipheraw

Suffa ra

Whoa yeh


Well I no badda with no thesis to have I say

Or as a levity a speak say

For as a rastaman a a chant nayabhingy a yeh

As as a greetin the street a say

Well I no bound and negative a bomba yah

Feel all the hupfull from suffura to suffura yah

Jah Jah in safety to keep you full thi enta yah

To keep all violence away and Keep the strife away

So hold it down keep swe, upan the tar away

People you no seed up your H L I L E

Good thing fi poor people lovely to see

Not no excess a banga R A N G

Respect people prefer A N see He

Enjoy your people drink up an E A T

Make shore your love for motha R A T E

Smooth your countly N E N C

Swoopin in like Larry N E N C

Jah bless di youth dem with di quickelaboraty

The youth dem a T A N C

Witch part de stand up corrute up jeh yo see

Watta court beas beall a tanup di jehgy

Good gatha massy could look enviro M knee an T

enviro M E an T

Who response di juvenile delinquency

Big shot name bezel govamentally

Who, really oungrach reignin ova di

Well who a go change that really All are B

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