midnite cipheraw

Broke man dan

All hail di All mighty Gad Jah rastafar I

Hail sealssi I the first




Give back ratio to turn ova minimal to slow

Doin your best a must see jail you surely, want them youth ya fi go

Wan man fi do

Wan man fi do

Systemic slavery fiche fast be comin apparent to all ye you

Force prison labor outside the fetters of the chains on man man mind resume

Busup disea ma gin images imagine be don’t confuse

Youthman be don’t confuse

When it all like a razz mend an not one restful eva second an na snue

I powa with dapp bluebrain suit an watta bue

an watta bue

Condemnation from a world of pie-as murderass that don’t abbrue

That don’t abbrue

Morality issue judgment cross pollination inna authoritative a view

Politician with truly no feelin wat so eva these people live with

These people live with you, eat with you, put trust in you.

And you sell them away so easy for summer bungalows, exclusive retreat an new shoes.

Who you think you can use

Who you think you can use


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