midnite cipheraw


(Bring dem bring dem along along)
Oh for I nation
Joy for existence
Good help for instance
More tolerance more patience
Humility location
The ancient profession that bring them
The good Ine-atation

(Bring dem along bring dem along along)
Like when dem helpless in-a-da netting of babylon Reach
White karma headies come conquer season
Rapid adaptation of Iriginal man
Push them from the fertile
Left them baron to the sun
Never to notice that it is the richest of the richest island
Simply exhibit of the whole African
Fig Leaf the currupta as they kill sha-ta-dan
Nah come chat about no hear about no evolution
Lies dem all dem axom of dem ku destruction
Milky queen of heaven and the bulls of Ashan
Its like a stilo covered up and come to right away the wrong
Ambush and jook man for dem GVT plan

Good for Ination for Ination
I keep love for thy nation
Joy for existence
More tolerance more patient
Send master (pragmatic) to be the emperor and civil servant
Humility location
The ancient profession that send dem the good Ine-atation

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