midnite children of jah

Sense less event

The time imortalise as a by word and a pain,
A senseless event turn the city into heartache and blood stain... Again
With diverse of human lost conscience to be contained
The apprehension of the politic behind closed doors when trust has been shattered away....away!!!
When it feels like all is a victim its because each one is a valuable to their ones you see it yeah....

So let us appraise our deeds and fuel our sorrow appropriately

Well let us remove any ideology without fairness its equity
It is required of public servants to bring order to society...
If lawlessness is the lawlessness officially
That come to prevent the people from chaotic anarchy...then its escalation toppling prevent with in the hierarchy...look u see.

Let injustice be called injustice and let justice flow like a stream..like a stream x2
Let fairness flow like a stream

Oh yeah..
Hear the cry from our same living ones from the dangle of materiality
No life is without the breath of life,
So the ear is,priceless you see

So Haile Selassie I teach I to regard it in Awe in eminent reference esteem...seen,
From each day the house is open front door to face their different journey...
But wretched of sorrow longside of histoic resiliency
Come bust out of the scene, and it seems,
Like it went wrong directionally
As more en more violent rhetoric
Is playin out in the street

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