midnite better world rasta

Train filled his temple

Oh yes, oh yeah…ooh yeah…

I saw the King of Kings; he is high and lifted up

Like a Ises a resin in a cloud cylinder

Rasta leveled in a vibes, who dem sinister minister

Let the truth go free…..

Try to live back in de prophetic of Caligula Mussolini

And called it their ancient glory and suffered the backlash complexity in modernity 1941-40,

see it


I saw the King of Kings, Haile Selassie I, he is high and lifted up

And his train filled the temple, to restore love

and his train filled the temple, oh woah

Transmutation over load,

Transportation over road

Where dem is no misleading to the goodly

Then just a slide their mind and skitedly, eh

Well rube wave the flag upon to the with dignity

The King upon the seven and two and three,

Congratulations to the baby the match i came to see,

Alignment celestial configuration in His Majesty,

Haile I, I saw, the Judaic emblematic seed

The end sign upon a hill

A light house to bring the oceaners in,

Sea fairers ina de life wave journey see it,

ina de life wave journey

I saw the king of kings; eh, he is high and lifted up

He is high and lifted

And his train filled the temple, earth

to restore love

Rastafari for the righteous earth is,

He be hold of you amnesty after such inhumanity

And he warm up the hearts of the war weary, war weary…

And the high official is still asking if he is already,

The draft is the chill please be…

Me son, they have to be known in the numbers

They are the numbers of casualty

Without truth is without their insanity

Anxiety and defensive shields on the quest of the Royalties

Rastafari know rather full heart and love perceive


I see I saw the Lord; he is high and lifted up

And his train filled the, the whole earth yeah, eh, eh..

And his train filled the earth, umh…yeah…mmh

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