midnite better world rasta

Ah Jah

Yeah…ah Rastafari

Speaking against the destruction for the soul

Rastafari the numerous heavenly forum, Right up close

Watch over your soul

Guard up your soul, eh yeah…

They study the power position, manipulation the goal post,

Rather narrow so you don’t, you don’t reach to the impact,

No matter how you’re sure

The strongest creditor, who shall rule and oppose

Got their own nervous meridian system in a little cell phone

The world is a place for the human soul to open and close

Babylon got the youth dem in a play station brain well over those super rubbishing complete super string and I say it

It’s the same ancient evil electron soul gee known thief, eh


To lift the veil of isis with their mind they reach to destroy the world of trinity out of human conceit,

As the dragon got the gold, for you to get it he must eat

So feeling favored and prestigious among the evil elite

And the whole lion crouch down low see it,

The whole lion crouch down low see it

In the rainbow of his sovereignty to take away the pride of identity

Because of the damage he did to his own life opportunity

The thought of being genetically inferior and unrefined creates the anger

Navigator, direct descendant of Isah select the dragon worshiper

With segmented destroyer,

Haile Selassie I, ah Jah, ah Jah, ah Jah

It’s not right it’s not good I ah talk

They are the evil watchers against whom michael embark

Black ops stand books

Extermination, sophistication mailing list with the surety of untouchables in a open practice

1789 first sale, musician haffi score this for bio-Schmitt

Invented the guillotine to lick our head with it, community of this they say

Reliability and alliance, born out of the community of childhood alliance is Compliance

Will be, geographic compulsion non spoken non verbal

Cell documentation that the children experience to sell off the wild,

the call of the wild away from the vision, Selassie I the child,

Eh yeah ah Jah ah Jah

Selassie the father not over look one name, is unknown to HIM ina the book

No magnetic not move, ah

Canada to Siberia harmonic Interpol red ship act a Shattuck

Those who have the pain of the righteous ah laugh

Subtraction of the head plate of their tectonic Atlantic

Because of the Caribbean plate is on top of it, eh, speak here, eh ah , eh ah

And the mountain of the Jerusalem shall split into one to the east and one to the west

Eh yeah ah Jah ah Jah

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